5 Beneficial Uses For Turmeric Posted on 20 Sep 12:45 , 0 comments

Why Turmeric?

Uses for Turmeric

You may be familiar with turmeric as the bright yellow spice that is commonly found in curry powder. Turmeric is fast becoming a popular remedy for just about everything that ails you.Turmeric has a long history as a healing herb and culinary spice in India. Doctors say that this spice is a brain health breakthrough. Interestingly enough, India, which has a high per capita consumption of turmeric, also has a remarkably low incidence of cognitive decline! Impressive scientific research has shown that curcumin, a unique antioxidant compound found in the root of the turmeric plant, may be one of the most powerful, natural brain-supporting substances ever discovered.

5 Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it effective for fighting heart disease, osteoarthritis pain, and other health problems related to inflammation.

  1.  Skin Health

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits can be beneficial when applied topically. It helps make skin more elastic and radiant. It’s also considered an effective treatment for psoriasis and other skin disorders, it is also a natural antiseptic and can be used to treat burns and cuts.

  1. Immune System Booster

Turmeric fights bacterial/viral infections and cleanses your blood through improved digestion. It is known to be 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamins C and E.

  1. Supports Natural Weight Loss

Turmeric may speed up fat metabolism and have an overall lowering effect on body fat and total weight. It can also help detoxify the liver and protect cell damage caused due to environmental pollutants.

  1. Reduces the Risk for Cancer

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a promising complementary therapy for cancer-prevention. It is said to help reduce the risk of breast, prostate, colon, liver, and skin cancer.

Add Turmeric to Your Lifestyle!

Golden Milk

Adding this magic spice to our diets could be helpful for all of us. Traditionally, turmeric milk has been used for colds, congestion, headache, and sore throats but the anti-aging benefits of this plant are out of this world. Basically this drink may be the answer to 90% of our beauty and health problems. The recipe for Golden Milk is simple:

  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 tsp of dried turmeric
  • 1 tsp of dried ginger
  • Sprinkle of black pepper
  • Honey to taste

Combine all the ingredients, except honey in a saucepan. Turn the heat to medium. While heating make sure to stir constantly and do not allow the mixture to boil. Enjoy!