Herbal Face Food Fans


  • “In just a few days my pores have diminished and my acne is nearly all clear!”- Irene *Your results may vary.
  • “I have seen fine lines disappear and my scarring from adult acne looks lighter, my acne has completely cleared. All of this in a 10 day period. I really didn't believe the possibilities, until I experienced them for myself. I am hooked and will use this product for the rest of my life!!”- Kelli *Your results may vary.
  • "I've had acne since 8th grade, discoloration and signs of aging. I even had purple cystic acne (then) that left scars. (4 time accutane user). I turn 45 this summer. Your face food is turning back the clock and I've been sending people to you like crazy.”- Lisa *Your results may vary.
  • When I touch my cheeks in the morning before getting up, I feel smooth skin without pimples. Smooth skin without pimples? This is a completely new feeling and it is still hard to believe that this is even possible with my skin. I've been dealing with acne and ongoing breakouts on my cheeks and neck for so many many years. I am beyond grateful for your effort and wisdom that you put into this amazing product! - Heike *Your results may vary.

Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis

  • “Have nothing but good things to say about herbal face food!! Having terrible acne in the summer... I was left with even worse scarring all over my cheeks. I believe herbal face food made a huge difference in lightening up my scars to unnoticeable appearance. I also have gotten really good results in lightening up rosacea (along with a gluten-free diet) and using this over using the harsh chemicals in over the counter acne treatment that just dry out your skin and actually trigger inflammation of rosacea. Since buying my first bottle, it's been all I use; I love how incredible my skin feels!” - Alyssa *Your results may vary.
  • Since I was a child, I have had a dime size spot of psoriasis on my upper arm. It never spreads or gets worse, it's always just there. After I put the HFF on my face and the back of my hands I have been trying to rub a little of the leftovers on this spot. The psoriasis barely appears and all that's left is a a little hyper pigmentation. HFF could be good for psoriasis! - Anonymous *Your results may vary.

Anti Aging 

  • “My skin has truly not looked this good since my early 30's. When I first started using it I was shocked at how quickly it seemed to minimize the larger pores I was seeing as I hit my late 40's. I was even more impressed with the even tone and bright healthy glow it gave my face, but the most remarkable thing is a scar since I had as a small child, from a dog bite, right above my lip. It isn't even visible to others now”- Sheila *Your results may vary.
  • “Today I received my body food for the first time, thinking how much better could it be than some great body creams. Well I am shocked and amazed at how wonderful this Body Cream is. It feels luscious on my skin. Congrats on another winner.”- Anonymous *Your results may vary.
  • Biggest compliment was given today from my husband, that my skin looks beautiful and glowing. This is a good omen, since he doesn't pay attention to detail after 25 years togetherness.” - Jeanette *Your results may vary.


          Celebrity Herbal Face Food Fans

          Dr. Howard Liebowitz

          Dr. Howard Liebowitz is a world renowned anti-aging doctor to stars such as Suzanne Somers and Dr. Phil McGraw. Dr. Liebowitz uses Herbal Face Food on himself and in his practice.

          Lisa Wilson

          Lisa Wilson

          Lisa Wilson is the founder of The Raw Food Institute in Connecticut. Lisa uses and endorses Herbal Face Food.

          JoAnn Vargas

          NYC based celebrity esthetician Joann Vargas recently endorsed Herbal Face Food. Joann owns the top day spa in New York City and has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, The Wall Street Journal and more. Joann boasts a clientele of Hollywood’s hottest stars such as Emma Stone, Alessandra Ambrosio, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Connelly to name a few.


          *Results May Vary